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My Toddler Slept With Me Last Night...

Yes, you read that right. And you're probably checking the URL to confirm if you're on a SLEEP CONSULTANTS website considering I just admitted I willingly brought my 3-year-old to bed with me last night.

So, why would I admit that when my job is to literally teach babies & toddlers how to sleep independently?

It's simple really - because while I am a Sleep Consultant; I'm also a real life, regular mom. Last night, my husband slept in the basement with our pups that were terrified of the thunderstorms. I needed comfort too so I went up to my sons room at 10:00pm, scooped him up and cuddled him all night. Here's another secret - this isn't the first time I've done this since he's been sleep trained.

Sounds like a recipe for disaster right?

But I don't do this often, so he's still sleep trained. Tonight, when I go to lay him down, he will lay down and go to sleep independently. Now, if I were to make a habit out of it, then I would undo the great sleep foundations he has learned and I'd have to re-sleep train him.

I share this just to show that no one is perfect. Even those of us who do this work. If you're ever afraid of judgement, know that it doesn't exist with me.

Every parent is different. Every child is different. Parenting is hard enough without the additional pressures society places on us. We all do things a little bit different, and that's okay! I actually enjoy working with parents who parent differently than I do; I have even picked up things they do and implemented them in my own household.

It's not my place to judge a parent for their parenting choices. It's my job to unconditionally support the parents I work with to reach their sleep goals.

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