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Hi! I'm Alicia!

Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant &
Member of The Association of Professional Sleep Consultants.

Wife , mom of 2 toddlers & former exhausted momma - until I discovered sleep training!

I had two babies within 17 months and neither of my kids were naturally great sleepers. I thought I was just doomed for a life of no sleep. Turns out, most babies aren't naturally good sleepers. 

I knew there had to be a solution, and then I found sleep training! When I implemented sleep training techniques, both of my kids were sleeping 11 hours + in less than a week!

After sleep training both of my own babies successfully, I knew I had to get certified so I could help other exhausted parents get the sleep they desperately need but don't know how to achieve. 

Without proper sleep, everything crumbles.

When you choose me as your sleep consultant, you get a non-judgmental advocate that's educated in pediatric sleep needs and techniques. I create a customized sleep plan for your little one that takes their age, sleep needs, your parenting philosophy, and family lifestyle into account. Arguably the best thing about choosing me as a your sleep trainer is the support I offer my clients. My clients rave about feeling supported, heard, and truly cared for during our time together.

Exhausted? Feeling defeated? Ready to snooze? Let's chat!

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My Family

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